Травяная зубная паста Pop Popular 30гр.

200 руб.


Применение: Откройте крышку и удалите защитную фольгу. Используя входящую в комплект мерную ложечку нанесите маленькую, размером с горошину порцию пасты на зубную щетку, чистите зубы после еды 1 или 2 раза в день.
Сделано в Таиланде.
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Вес 0.1 kg

Smilephan Co., Ltd.

Вид пасты

9 трав, с бамбуковым углем и солью, с кокосовым маслом, улун сан

Оригинальное описание

1. POP Cocount Herbal toothpaste
Removes stains from tea,coffee and even tartar.Stops bleeding,reduces tooth sensitivity and improves gum health. Whitens your teeth and keeps breath fresh throughout the day. Use a pea-sized portion of toothpaste to brush your teeth after eating or twice a day. 8853318003223
2. POPherbs bamboo charcoal & salt toothpaste
The combination of natural bamboo activated charcoal with salt is great for you oral health. It Removes bacteria and other harmful elements present inside the mouth from food residue to improve gum health, strengthen tooth enamel, and prevent tooth decay for healthier teeth. Thus, the natural activated bamboo charcoal can promotes whitening teeth, remove stains, discoloration, and other impurities caused by consumption. 8853318002974
3. POP9herbs toothpaste
Herbal toothpaste made with unique technology using Thai ancient natural herbs as ingredients, providing long lasting and complete oral care to gums & teeth. It contains herbal extract that fight effectively against bacteria. Not only cleans teeth, but also brings the freshness in breath, prevents the suffering from toothaches, bleeding gums and bad breath 8853318003049
4. Oolongsan herbal toothpaste
Oolong is the one of the most famous of all in the Chinese teas. It has not only reduced chronic health conditions, but also can promote healthy teeth. The research shows that drinking at least one cup of Oolong tea a day could help prevent cavities.
Our Oolongsan herbal toothpaste extract from natural oolong tea provides a unique experience in oral care. It capitalizes own natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it protects your bad breath, prevents oral plaque and bacteria on your teeth. Thus, the anti-inflammatory properties of oolong tea can protect against gingivitis, gum disease, and bleeding of the gums. 8853318003087


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